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Rock Lee vs Gara

Nice job. Definitely based on the Rock Lee vs Gara fight. Or was it the Sasuke and Gara one? Anyone who watches Naruto should recognize this.

I don't really have any advice or critisism. Everything looked great. This has a good chance of getting on the front page. Do you plan on doing an animation with a storyline any time soon?

It's sprite but it's well done

It's a sprite movie but you did a good job on it. This is probably the best one I've seen today. Professional looking animation (I consider animation different from graphics), nice voice acting, funny script (I especially liked joke about the soda being a toilet or whatever). Unfortunately, being a sprite movie I felt obligated not to give you higher than a 7/3 for voting, but it was great. I might have given it a 9 if you had drawn it yourself. Thinking it over you might have deserved a higher score, but oh well. Nice job.

Buffering and Loading Are Different

Buffering isn't the same as loading. If it's buffering it basically means you're loading just enough of it so that you can play the movie and it'll load while it's playing. Here the whole thing is being loaded.

I didn't really know what to give you for style so I just gave 5. It's inbetween. Just ignore it I didn't mean anything by it. It would've been nice if you had made it longer.

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I'm Bad At Your Game

I couldn't really get the hang of it. It was really annoying for me trying to keep the plane in the air without crashing and trying to fire and hit the people. It was fun though.

BasV responds:

as long as you don't attack anyone, you can practice as long as you want, without anyone attacking you. Too bad you didn't get to play the 'real' game because you found the flying hard. You'll probably get used to it though;)

Interesting Idea

Your instructions were a bit inclear. I didn't realize what the active bar was in the beginning. I thought it was just the health for both characters rising before the fight started, and it took a bit of time to understand how the special attacks worked.

I understand that this is just sort of a survey to see what people think though, so that's fine for now. I'm not exactly sure what you're expecting the final product to be, but the idea seems sort of interesting. If by improvements you just meant adding more different types of combos, making it longer, and all that stuff, that just won't cut it. At the moment the combat is just I attack you, you attack me. There has to be a bit more strategy involved than that. Sure, there's the special attacks, but that's just a simple math calculation. Find how much damage each does, divide it by the SP is consumes, and then keep using the attack that has the higher result.

Good luck with your game.

Score 5000 no cheats.

Hehehehe. I got 5000 without cheating. It took about half an hour. There's a bug, because instead of giving me my reward message it just went back to the title screen.

Congratulations on your sucess. It's such a poinless game yet it made it through the portal and people are actually playing it, trying to get a high score.

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